Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

SORNA world-timer/calender automatic watch, RARE, NOS

 SORNA calendar watch - military automatic watch of SORNA, automatic movement with 21 jewels
Jam ini termasuk jam vintage NOS(New Old Stock).Dengan perpaduan Warna yg terlihat 
kontras tapi Beauty (kuning,hitam,putih,biru).Bezel hitam dan kuning,dan inner bezel
hitam dan kuning,serta dial berwarna kuning dipadu dengan subdial berwarna biru terlihat mencolok
-case stainless steel
-automatic movement with 21 jewels
-turnable bezel
-indication of date
-indication of day and month
-waterproof 5 ATM
-size without crown 45 mm or 1.77 inch
-leather strap
-glowing hands
-mineral crystal
-screwed exhibition back
-box for 1 watch
SORNA Under the SUN
 With Black Leather Strap (3 hole)Original by SORNA
Come With Yellow Leather Strap
 Watch In the Nest
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  1. Well, this is the TRIAS remake of the original Sorna, so it is no NOS but China-made. Nice watch still. Original was a chronograph with stop watch, this remake has date hands instead. Also the original had the date at 3 o clock and not at 4 o'clock. I am searching for the remake right now...